10 Common Myths about IITs and IITians


If New York punk wasn’t good for anything else which, actually, it was, but let’s pretend , it at least inspired people like Eric Gregory of Portland’s Crack City Rockers to build songs steeped in playful lyricism and intense electric energy. Along with an affinity for Television, Richard Hell and the Velvet Underground, the group’s debut album, Joyce Hotel, proved that this band has a knack for mining the depth and width of the punk genre. Its latest EP, New Myths, goes further. While Gregory has never sounded more like the frantic Mr. And when Gregory sings! Throwing their lot in with other like-minded adherents of the “short,sharp, shocked” such as the Kuchar brothers, Angry Samoans, Kenneth Anger, Richard Hell and the Voidoids and the Buzzcocks, “New Myths” is approximately 14 minutes in length.

8 Dating Myths Cracked

March 21, by Health News Team. Eggs help start your day, define your baking and make a stellar topping for your burger. According to Kelly Trifilo, a registered dietitian affiliated with Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center , eggs are an egg-ceptional superfood because they raise high-density lipoproteins HDL — good cholesterol — and are rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

You can only keep eggs a week after their “sell by” date.

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Fatigue crack closure: A myth or a misconception?. Fatigue Fract Eng Mater Struct. Accepted author manuscript Post-print , Portsmouth Research Portal. Fatigue crack closure: a myth or a misconception? In this paper, we have extended our previous study on fatigue crack closure Tong et al, FFEMS, to examine the phenomenon of crack opening displacement COD and its impact on the crack tip fields in both 2D and 3D specimen geometries using full-field experimental measurements and integrated finite element modelling.

Is ‘black don’t crack’ a myth?

My Ideas. To play this video you need to enable JavaScript. Is ‘black don’t crack’ a myth? Video Duration Poet Theophina Gabriel dispels the myth that black skin does not age – it’s more complicated than that. More information about the video.

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It would be an understatement to say that more than half of the engineering aspirants in the country, who pass out of class 12th, wish to make it to the premier engineering institutes of the country i. While appearing for the toughest engineering entrance exam – JEE Main, it is only 2. So ever wondered what goes on in the minds of students who wish to make it to the IITs?

Is the volume of students appearing for the entrance exam for IITs surrounded by any myths? Are they aware of some of the facts about the IITs or not? Through this article, we have tried to uncover some of the common myths about IITs that students may have fallen for. Some of the common myths about the Indian Institutes of Technology are elaborated below. Read on to learn about it. One can definitely emerge successful in the JEE Advanced exam with the right planning and execution.

Students often get demotivated even before preparing for the exam because of the hype created about the difficulty level of the exam. IITs, being the premier engineering institutes of the country, there is no doubt that it involves a lot of studies to be a part of it.

Dating cracked

And why not? The benefits are bountiful. From the anti-ageing properties it offers, to forming a shield against environmental stressors like UVA and UVB, not to mention higher protection from skin cancer — melanin is indeed magic! For instance, in the past it was a commonly held belief that laser treatment was a big no no for melanin-rich individuals. With this in mind, I set out to explore other myths in the industry and spoke to industry professionals to set the record straight.

During that era the technology was quite limiting, treatments were deemed as painful, and machinery was sluggish so procedures were tedious and laborious.

Date: Jul 20, Written By:Keysha Davis. Keysha Davis. Share. As a black woman I’ve often recited the ‘black don’t crack’ adage with gloating pride.

Amidst China’s ever-growing presence within the gaming scene , the most impressive title in development is Black Myth: Wu Kong , an awesome-looking action-adventure game inspired by the classic Journey to the West myth. The game was first spotlighted on August 20, by Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter after a lengthy gameplay reveal video dropped on YouTube. Since then, the game has gained some traction across the internet, though information on the game in English is still a bit scarce.

If you want to know what the developers of Black Myth: Wu Kong have revealed so far about its release window, platforms, and the world, we’ve rounded up everything revealed about the game so far. Yes, there is. The game was revealed via a minute gameplay video posted to YouTube on August After a brief bit of story context at the beginning, the rest is mostly uncut gameplay showing both normal combat as well as the various forms the main character can transform into.

It culminates in a montage showing off the world of Black Myth: Wu Kong , several bosses, and the ability to fly around the world on a cloud. Only the opening dialogue has an English translation and there are a couple of errors, but most of the game is in Chinese. Still, it’s an impressive first showing from a studio that isn’t well-known in the West. As the game is still in the middle of development, no specific release date or window was shared for Black Myth: Wu Kong.

That said, the developers did give some insight into their “release it when its ready” game design philosophy on the game’s website , which was translated into English by Gematsu.

Pyramus and Thisbe

Why do people put up red decorations and light firecrackers? Who chose the 12 Chinese zodiacs? The stories date back to thousands of years ago. Here is a collection of a few popular and interesting Chinese New Year myths.

Reclassification date (entered by Alberto Gómez). Six days later he started against Los Andes. At the end of the season, he was released.

On February 25, thirty leading medical doctors, scientists and psychological researchers released a public letter calling on the media to stop the use of such terms as “crack baby” and “crack addicted baby and similarly stigmatizing terms, such as “ice babies” and “meth babies. Motivated by a New Jersey case in which the label was used to explain away apparent efforts by the parents to starve some of their adopted foster children, these leading doctors and researchers collaborated to write a consensus statement requesting that the media stop using such terms.

Members of the consensus group agree “These pejorative labels result in damaging stigma that hurts the children all of us are working so hard to protect. The full text of this letter with a complete list of signatories is attached. These terms and similarly stigmatizing terms, such as “ice babies” and “meth babies,” lack scientific validity and should not be used.

Despite the lack of a medical or scientific basis for the use of these pejorative and stigmatizing labels, they have been repeatedly used in the popular media, in a wide variety of contexts and across the country. Just a few examples include the Washington Post “She taught a class of about eight kids, ages 3 to 6, in Charlottesville when her husband, Rob, was attending business school at the University of Virginia.

Some of the children just had speech delays; others were crack babies. Throughout almost 20 years of research, none of us has identified a recognizable condition, syndrome or disorder that should be termed “crack baby. This is in contrast to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which has a narrow and specific set of criteria for diagnosis.

Half a dozen egg myths, cracked

Nov 18, 0 comments. Famously on September 6, , a ship called the Mayflower set sail from England. Sixty-six days later, after crossing the Atlantic at an average speed of two miles per hour, the Mayflower deposited some men, women, and children at what we now know as Plymouth, Massachusetts. The Mayflower was built before , was captained by Christopher Jones, and was a merchant ship carrying cargo between England and Europe.

Interior of the Mayflower Barn at its tercentenary.

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Thanks for connecting! You’re almost done. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. There are some universally acknowledged truths when it comes to dating. These themes are repeated on sitcoms, in romantic comedies and in your buddy Paul’s hookup stories that he totally swears are true, bro.

And, according to science, most of it is wrong. That’s right; somehow, you know even less about romance than you thought you did. We have previously pointed out how the “nerdy gamer who has never touched a boob” stereotype persists in movies and TV right up to this very minute. When most people think of gamers, they’re likely to picture a very thin or very fat loner whose romantic resume consists of a few steamy Xbox Live chats and that one time he got flashed on ChatRoulette.

Sorry, non-gamers, but those WoW nerds probably have a more active love life than you do. The study we linked there found that gamers were twice as likely as their non-gaming counterparts to go out on dates in a given month. Admittedly, this is considered less about video gamers suddenly becoming suave ladies’ men and more about the way the growing gaming market is swallowing up people of all types. That includes millions of attractive ladies, guys.

Also, don’t forget the rise in multiplayer games.

Love, Dates & Heartbreaks

Materials wit Queue [“Typeset”,MathJax. The file s for this record are currently under an embargo. If you complete the attached form, we can attempt to contact the author and ask if they are willing to let us send you a copy for your personal research use only. We will then pass this form and your request on to the author and let you know their response. We require your email address in order to let you know the outcome of your request.

Love, Dates & Heartbreaks. Part 1 of 6: The Right Person Myth But what if normal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? What if there’s something.

A fun side effect of this rampant mis-estimation is that our qualities that actually interest other people can sometimes be very different than we think. Note that I didn’t specify which particular world. On a scale from orc to Soren , I might as well pack my bags and head for Mordor. Still, if someone pressed a gun to my head and forced me to name the things I think are the most attractive about myself, I’d probably come up with a long list of stuff like my eyes, my prehensile tail, or, normally, a lack of guns against my head holy shit please don’t shoot me.

Yet, what compliments I’ve historically drawn tend to be focused on vastly different things than I expect. For whatever reason, they’ve been complimented a few times, and I’ve always, always had the same reaction: This could not be more transparent or silly, yet I’ve never once realized it until the inevitable post-date “oh, shit, what have I done? I fidget like a motherfucker anyway, so unless you’ve seen me in full-on jazz-hands mode, all that flailing and twitching probably wasn’t a flirting attempt.

Which brings me to a related point. Tons of guys seem to have an inbuilt need to flaunt whatever the other person seems to like about them as a courting ritual of sorts — a dude version of wearing a low-cut top, if you will. What we tend to forget is that it doesn’t matter whether the thing your date digs is your amazing WoW skills or your hulking musculature.

If you force-feed it to them to the point of exhaustion, you’re only going to look like a dick. So, the next time someone compliments your hair and you feel the urge to spend the rest of the date fixing it while bombarding them with hair-related information, remember the idiot from the Internet who has spent more than one evening playing the invisible piano to some poor soul who made a passing comment about his mitts.

Medical Myths: Cracking your knuckles gives you arthritis

The online registrations for Common Admission Test CAT for admissions to major B-schools of India are currently underway, and the exam is scheduled for November 25, However, with the exam date approaching, there are many myths floating around about the highly competitive management-aptitude test. Many students blindly follow this belief that the CAT exam is designed in a manner that favors aspirants from engineering background. Busting the myth, students from any education background can ace the exam with thorough and smart preparation.

Even the Maths section is elementary-level, and tests only basic understanding of concepts.


I recently had a reader email this question. I sent a short answer, but thought this was deserving of a longer answer in the form of a blog post. I checked out the COmyths web site. For example, the headline at the beginning says “Myth 1 – A furnace with a cracked heat exchanger will definitely produce carbon monoxide and poses an immediate danger.

Yes, that’s an incorrect statement, but I’ve never actually heard anyone say that. So what’s a cracked heat exchanger all about and what’s the big deal? I wrote a blog post many years ago discussing that topic, and the gist of my blog post was the same as what’s stated on the COmyths web site; a cracked heat exchanger probably isn’t as dangerous as many folks make it out to be, but the furnace or heat exchanger still needs replacement.

If a heating contractor finds a cracked heat exchanger and says the furnace needs to be replaced, they’re not pulling a scam unless they’re just outright lying to you about finding a crack. They’re simply doing their job.

211 – The Series

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