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Just because you sound acerbic, doesn’t mean your words aren’t kind. Don’t tell them to ‘ask nicely’. A tone argument is an argument used in discussions, sometimes by concern trolls and sometimes as a derailment tactic, where it is suggested that feminists would be more successful if only they expressed themselves in a more pleasant tone. This is also sometimes described as catching more flies with honey than with vinegar , a particular variant of the tone argument. The tone argument also manifests itself where arguments produced in an angry tone are dismissed irrespective of the legitimacy of the argument; this is also known as tone policing. The tone argument is a form of derailment, or a red herring, because the tone of a statement is independent of the content of the statement in question, and calling attention to it distracts from the issues raised. Drawing attention to the tone rather than content of a statement can allow other parties to avoid engaging with sound arguments presented in that statement, thus undermining the original party’s attempt to communicate and effectively shutting them down.

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When printing this page, you must include the entire legal notice. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, reproduced, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without permission. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions of fair use. This resource covers using logic within writing—logical vocabulary, logical fallacies, and other types of logos-based reasoning. Fallacies are common errors in reasoning that will undermine the logic of your argument.

As for fallacies, I’ll let Kahneman explain: ”The word fallacy is used, in general, when people fail to apply a logical rule that is obviously relevant” .

You are not in control of your thoughts. If it piques your interest, you can read the full book for more details. In general, this tendency is helpful, as it allows us to live our lives without having to agonize over every little decision in our day. As logical as you think you are, your brain deals better with intuition than logic, better with generalizations than statistics. Before I get into the specific biases and fallacies, I should explain how Kahneman views human thought.

Your mind prefers to take the path of least resistance, the less deliberate thought the better.

Tech’s Damaging Myth of the Loner Genius Nerd

This is a guest post by Holly Pervocracy. Holly Pervocracy is a kinky, geeky feminist sexblogger. She writes essays on her experiences as a member of the BDSM and polyamory communities, editorials from a sex-positive feminist perspective, advice on sexuality and kink, and humorous critiques of sexism online and in the media. Note from the GF mods : links from this post may lead to sexually explicit writing or images.

It’s a real life escape game you can do for friends, family and on Date Night. Fallacies: Appeal to Authority Science Comics, Science Jokes, Science Geek.

Many scientists have said he got the biology wrong. In fact, interpersonal skills like collaboration, communication, empathy and emotional intelligence are essential to the job. The myth that programming is done by loner men who think only rationally and communicate only with their computers harms the tech industry in ways that cut straight to the bottom line.

The loner stereotype can deter talented people from the industry — not just women, but anyone who thinks that sounds like an unattractive job description. It can also result in dysfunctional teams and poorly performing products. Take digital assistants, like Google Home or Amazon Echo. But it requires both, as do most of the jobs that are growing in number and in wages, according to economic research. Jobs that require a combination of math and social skills — like computer science, financial management and nursing — have fared best in the modern economy, found David Deming, a professor at Harvard.

But it involves something that can be even harder than technical work: communicating with other people and intuiting what they might need and understand. The stereotype of an eccentric genius who would rather work with machines than people was born, according to Nathan Ensmenger , a historian at Indiana University who studies the cultural history of the software industry.

Yet that was never an accurate description of the job.

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The Geeky Turn-On trope as used in popular culture. Welcome, viewers, to Nerd Hunter. Geeks and Nerds are odd creatures; their eyes always reflect the pale.

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So you’ve seen a geek girl. She’s got the Tina Fey glasses on and the hair is thrown up in a mess, she’s wearing clothes just frumpy enough you can’t tell what kind of body she has.

Want To Think Better? Avoid These 6 Cognitive Biases

The Geek Social Fallacies , which have been making the rounds of the Internet for some time now, are a list of flaws in reasoning about relationships that are depressingly common in geek social groups. But we are prone to our own social quirks and dysfunctions. Here, then, are the Poly Social Fallacies, taken from a blog post I made a while back:.

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Within the constellation of allied hobbies and subcultures collectively known as geekdom, one finds many social groups bent under a crushing burden of dysfunction, social drama, and general interpersonal wack-ness. It is my opinion that many of these never-ending crises are sparked off by an assortment of pernicious social fallacies — ideas about human interaction which spur their holders to do terrible and stupid things to themselves and to each other.

Social fallacies are particularly insidious because they tend to be exaggerated versions of notions that are themselves entirely reasonable and unobjectionable. It’s difficult to debunk the pathological fallacy without seeming to argue against its reasonable form; therefore, once it establishes itself, a social fallacy is extremely difficult to dislodge. It’s my hope that drawing attention to some of them may be a step in the right direction.

I want to note that I’m not trying to say that every geek subscribes to every one of the fallacies I outline here; every individual subscribes to a different set of ideas, and adheres to any given idea with a different amount of zeal. Dealing with the effects of social fallacies is an essential part of managing one’s social life among geeks, and this is much easier when one is aware of them and can identify which of your friends carry which fallacies.

In the absence of this kind of awareness, three situations tend to arise when people come into contact with fallacies they don’t hold themselves.

Five Geek Social Fallacies

Missing stair is a metaphor for a person within a social group who many people know is untrustworthy or otherwise has to be “managed”, but who they work around by trying to quietly warn others rather than deal with openly. The reference is to a dangerous structural fault such as a missing stair in a home, which residents have become used to and accepting of, and which is not fixed or signposted, but which most newcomers are warned about.

People had gotten so used to working around this guy, to accommodating his “special requirements,” that they didn’t feel like there was an urgent problem in their community. They did eventually expel him, but it was after months of it being widely shared knowledge that he was a rapist. Like something you’re so used to working around, you never stop to ask “what if we actually fixed this?

4 – “Love me, love my obsession.

Dear Captain, I’ve looked in the archives for something like this, but I couldn’t find anything. What do you do when you apologize and it seems to upset someone even more? Dear Captain, I looked through the archives and I couldn’t see anything on this particular topic, but apologies if I missed something. It does seem connected to the Geek Social Fallacies though. My question is about how to deal with awkwardness and anxieties over the dreaded Group Chat.

His preferred mode of communication is texting and he frequently tries to have long, involved text conversations with me. People are always full of advice for what a woman should do about a man’s rude behavior like patronizing comments or unfunny mean jokes at her expense that don’t land right and it’s almost never saying “Bro?

No, Bro” and expecting him to change his behavior. I have some questions about romantic feelings and dating and breakups accumulating and I don’t know if they all belong together, but maybe they don’t all need separate threads? I think what they might have in common is people who are trying to rules-lawyer their own hearts.

Missing stair

I am a 25 year old homosexual male. My boyfriend and I have been together a little over a year and a half. Herein lies the issue: he is sure. Now for some background.

Fallacies are common errors in reasoning that will undermine the logic of your Genetic Fallacy: This conclusion is based on an argument that the origins of a CMOS Author Date PowerPoint Presentation · CMOS Author Date Classroom.

The Internet has introduced a golden age of ill-informed arguments. Unfortunately, the very wiring of our brains ensures that all these lively debates only make us dumber and more narrow-minded. Here are excerpts describing the 5 fallacies, with some commentary from me re some examples from the climate debate:. Think about the last time you ran into a coworker or family member spouting some easily disproven conspiracy theory.

When they were shown proof that their conspiracy theory was wrong, did they back down? Thank you, kind stranger, for helping me rethink my entire political philosophy! That has literally never happened in the history of human conversation. They keep fighting to defend their position even after it is factually shown to be untrue.

We did it as a way to gain authority over others. And as evidence, the researchers point out that after thousands of years of humans sitting around campfires and arguing about issues, these glaring flaws in our logic still exist. Our evolutionary compulsion is to triumph, even if it means being totally, illogically, proudly wrong.

“Nerd Nite”: Speed-dating for the like-minded

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